Shift your organization to a Solution-Focused, collaborative and results-driven coaching culture

Over 37 years, 45,000 graduate coaches in 85 countries! As the leading global coach training institution, Erickson has assisted countless organizations to develop coaching competency in the workplace. Many of our clients have adopted Erickson’s vision of “Changing the world, one conversation at a time” into the workplace in an endeavor to make a positive change in their organizations.

Clients come to Erickson for various reasons but are mostly companies who wish to inculcate coaching as a competency, not only within their leadership style but also throughout the organization. Coaching has become a core competency requirement in the workplace!

Designed around how the human brain works, the latest research in organizational change theories and systems from cognitive psychology, Erickson organizational coaching programs are based on Solution-Focused Principles and Outcome Oriented Coaching, providing a real and relevant connection between work and core values.

5 results you can expect from Erickson’s Organizational Coaching programs

  • Accountability for action, outcomes, and results
  • Improved team performance and morale
  • Retention of top performers
  • Increased employee engagement and productivity
  • Solidified bench strength

The ROI Of Leadership Coaching

Level 4 Organization

Those with leaders who are highly effective coaches

All Other Organizations

(on average) those with leaders who are not highly effective coaches

Collaborative Culture Exists 62% 26%
Improved Revenue 63% 45%
Improved Retention 51% 19%

(Source: Brandon Hall Group’s State of Performance Management study, a comparison was done on Level 4 vs other organizations)

Business Programs


Coaching Teams have helped team and project managers throughout the world apply our specific value-based tools to enhance innovation and strategic thinking. This course examines and defines the structure and principles within the team dynamic to effect clear, consistent, and measurable outcomes. Shifting team members from competitiveness to mutual trust and respect is paramount to the successful completion of business goals. You will be surprised at the difference a 24-hour investment can make to your team’s efficiency, relationship, and performance!

Designed for the time-conscious individual or organization, this program takes integral aspects of The Art & Science of Coaching and applies a workplace leadership focus. Participants will learn how to partner and collaborate with team members rather than directing and controlling them, to help build a collective sense of responsibility for results and relationships.

This three-day course helps organizational negotiators build mastery in their skills by enabling participants to lead Successful Negotiations with proven Solution-Focused and Outcome Oriented coaching skills and NLP technologies.

This innovative program meets the demands of the corporate workplace by integrating MINDFULNESS into everyday interactions to achieve greater clarity in purpose, direction, and action. Cultivating mindful habits on an individual and organizational level heightens internal and external awareness, allowing for quicker response to changes and challenges.

This program will move you to the next stage of understanding the mind and experiencing the universe. Principles of quantum physics, combined with Four-Quadrant Thinking, provide a framework for a new level of decision-making, planning, systemic self-development, and transformational coaching.

Both coaches and coach trainers benefit from the tools and examples needed to be able to create and develop customized METAPHORS unique to their clients. Creating personal metaphors allows clients to align with their deepest values, enriching their ability to identify solutions and effectively cut through their limiting patterns.

Erickson introduces the fastest, most effective and least intrusive team development system available in the world today. It is proven to exponentially increase safety, reliability, and trust among team members. Its unique methodology demands negligible time and produces immediate returns in terms of enhanced respect and trust between team members while reducing risk to project outcomes.

This course provides both Executives & Managers with the tools to effectively blend coaching techniques with individual management styles, enabling employees to realize their full potential to meet and exceed the expectations of the business

With Coaching Competencies For LEADERS you will be able to:

  • Understand when to direct, when to coach, train and when to mentor
  • Use specific coaching questions that encourage new thinking habits
  • Create accountability models to support individual ownership and engagement
  • Conduct constructive Solution-Focused conversations in a one-on-one and team environment

Confidently raise and create a deeper connection with your students. Become a teacher that knows how to face the digital challenges of today’s world through enhancing your communication and social-emotional skills. Discover key aspects of a child and a teenager’s brain development and how to use this knowledge to develop interests and ‘incentives’ with your students. Become knowledgable, particularly about children’s motivation and learning processes.
Teacher as Coach provides simple yet powerful techniques that empower you to build a strong, respectful relationship with all the participants of your teaching groups.

This program gives ample opportunity to design, organize and model coach training using unique formats that promote and encourage transformational development. This is an interactive course with a specific focus on Transformational Thinking. Students explore how to create trust in Unity.

This course is one that makes the difference between being a linear content focused trainer and one who powerfully advances the skills of all participants and assists them towards transformational change. This course is only offered to practiced trainers.