Erickson Story:
Changing the world one conversation at a time

Established in 1980, Erickson pioneers ICF-certified coach training in the United States, Canada, and globally. Erickson’s accredited coach training includes the world-renowned program The Art & Science of Coaching, as well as transformational life coaching courses Expanding Emotional Intelligence, The Art & Science of Mindfulness, Coaching Competencies for Leaders, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and many others.

Erickson’s coach training programs are offered on-site and online via the world’s cutting-edge online learning platform which utilizes the latest best practices in adult learning.


  • Vision

To be recognized as the most valuable and reliable human development center in Jordan by 2025.

  • Mission

By using all Erickson principles, methods, and available courses, Salam Althat will provide a world-class Consultation to a consumer and business domains.

  • Values

Honesty, Ultimate, Growth (HUG)

  • What Are We Doing?

We change the world one conversation at a time.


To create a tipping point for world consciousness that leads to positive change and growth for humankind.


Through Solution-Focused human development, namely our ICF-accredited program The Art & Science of Coaching, innovative graduate and personal development courses, and our World Game initiative.

  • Our team, alumni, and global community embrace these values: