What is Coaching?
  • Coaching is about two people coming together and having a meaningful conversation in a space of possibility.
  • Coaching helps you to get out of your own way, so you can see, be, do and get more out of your life.
  • Coaching is about showing up, trying stuff and having fun.
  • Coaching supports you to form new ideas and new perspectives.
  • Coaching stops you from controlling your life, so you can start creating it.
  • Coaching invites you to see and play a bigger game.
  • Coaching adds more quality to your life, so you have less quantity in your life.


What is Not Coaching?
  • Coaching is not about pushing, it’s about possibilities.
  • Coaching is not about ME making YOU do stuff you really don’t want to do.
  • Coaching is not about just talking, it’s about taking action.
  • Coaching is not about thinking positive thoughts, it’s seeing that thoughts come, and they go.
  • Coaching is not about forcing yourself to change, it’s about experiencing a change in yourself.
  • Coaching is not about escaping your problems, it’s about embracing them.
  • Coaching is not about motivation, it’s about inspiration.
  • Coaching is not about ME fixing YOU, it’s about realizing you are not broken.


4 Pillars of Erickson Coaching Methodology
  • Solution-Focused

Moves your client towards their desired future outcomes, instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for present dissatisfaction.

  • Systemic

Emphasizes the holistic nature of your client, seeing how positive change can fit into their bigger picture.

  • Client-Centered

Allows you to trust your client’s inner resources and skills, respecting their agenda and future outcomes. Coaching is an advice free-zone.

  • Action-Oriented

Pursues transformational change in specific, inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behavior and habit formation.